What is a collection firm without a proven, professional method of contacting debtors?

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Initial Notification Letter: Notifies the debtor that Edward T. Burke & Associates P.C. has been retained in reference to a debt and demands payment in full.

Partial Payment Arrangement Letter: Demands partial payment from debtor and notifies debtor of previously agreed to payment schedule by which a debt will be honored.

Settlement Offer Letter: Upon client authorization, ETB&A P.C. will issue a settlement offer letter based upon the client's authorized settlement authority.

Payment Reminder Letter: In order to ensure that debtors remit payment as promised, ETB&A P.C. will send professional reminder letters out on your behalf.

Debt Validation Letter: As required by the FDCPA and the TCPA, upon request we will provide any debtor with a Letter of Validation, proving the debt is owed to you.

Debt Dispute Form Letter: To provide a simple one letter solution for debtors disputing debts, ETB&A P.C. provides a Debt Dispute Form Letter upon request.

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Initial Notification Letter

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PPA Letter

Settlement Offer Letter

PPA Offer Letter

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Postdated Check Deposit Notification

PPA Payment Reminder Letter

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Settlement Acceptance Letter

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Debt Validation Letter

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Debt Dispute Form

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